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Our Service

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Margin Trading

Powerful trading tools, resources, insight and support


Secure management

Dedicated financial consultant to help reach your own specific goals


Instant Investing

A wide selection of investment product to help build diversified portfolio


Investment advisory

A wide selection of investing strategies from seasoned portfolio managers


24/7 Trading

A revolutionary, fully-automated investment trading platform


Free Consulting

Specialized guidance from independent local advisor for hight-net-worth investors

Everything You Need

We provide retail investors and institutions with exceptional investment opportunities, investment advice, investment research, technology and investment services to access our account services. Our investment management company provides a unique way to earn money online and access the world’s best investment opportunities. We provide our partners with complete solutions that enable them to diversify their online investment opportunities and offer the very best managed accounts to our customers, quickly and easily. Optimise your long term investment with our pioneering automated system and connect to our managed accounts at elitefluxe.

Everything You Need in Your Wallet

You can manage your account in an easy and convenient way; take control of your investments whenever and wherever you want through our unique online platform. We have always identified market opportunities where we can anticipate best returns for our investors and purposefully seek to invest in these most attractive opportunities anywhere.